Friday, December 29, 2006

Picture of the day

3-dimensional Si composite nanostructure Ghim Wei Ho and Prof Mark Welland

This 3-dimensional Si composite nanostructure is one of the most recognized "nanotech" images. It has been posted on several key websites and used as cover and interior art in several science magazines. When I first found it I was struck by it's underlying beauty; bleeding-edge tech meets 21st Century art.

At the time this image was created, Ph.D. student Ghim Wei Ho was doing research in the lab of Prof. Mark Welland. Her project involved the fabrication and characterization of novel nanostructures. "For the remainder of my Ph.D., I will be focussing on the potential device aspects of these extraordinary structures," she said.

I will post the others in this series over time. To see it all now, visit the Nanotechnology Now Gallery.

Copyright © Ghim Wei Ho and Prof Mark Welland, University of Cambridge Nanoscale Science Laboratory

Quote of the day

Nanotechnology's potential to improve the human condition is staggering: we would be shirking our duty to future generations if we did not responsibly develop it.

~Ralph C. Merkle