Friday, February 16, 2007

Picture of the day


Bjoern Daempfling, Cthulhu, NanoArt 2006

From NanoArt 2006. © Copyright Bjoern Daempfling (click to see larger version)

NANOART is a new art discipline related to micro/nanosculptures created by artists/scientists through chemical/physical processes and/or natural micro/nanostructures that are visualized with powerful research tools like Scanning Electron Microscope and Atomic Force Microscope.

NanoArt could be for the 21st Century what Photography was for the 20th Century. We live in a technological society, in a new Renaissance period, and there is no reason for Arts to stay away from Technology. NanoArt is the expression of the New Technological Revolution and reflects the transition from Science to Art using Technology.

See all of Bjoern Daempfling's NanoArt 2006 entries here, or visit his website.

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Quote of the day

"Starting around 2010, workers will cultivate expertise with systems of nanostructures, directing large numbers of intricate components to specified ends. One application could involve the guided self-assembly of nanoelectronic components into three-dimensional circuits and whole devices. Medicine could employ such systems to improve the tissue compatibility of implants, or to create scaffolds for tissue regeneration, or perhaps even to build artificial organs."

~Mihail C. Roco, Senior adviser for nanotechnology to the National Science Foundation and a key architect of the National Nanotechnology Initiative link

FutureCar, Pt II

Another series of made for TV programs from the Discovery Channel, FutureCar examines today’s technologies and designs and how they might lead to tomorrow’s vehicles.

Today I watched the second of 3 programs, this one titled “The Body.” The program covered these technologies:

* the GM Skateboard (link), with interchangeable bodies and powered by a fuel cell
* advanced composites
* carbon nanotube enhanced tires (1)
* the Tweel (Iink), Naro (link) and Carver (link)
* VR for design and testing, and the use of haptics
* Urban vehicles to combat congestion

Again, car enthusiasts will love this show, as will those that study the future.

As you see from the list above, nanotechnology is explicitly mentioned this time. As with the previous program, many technologies covered in this program will be enabled by nanotechnologies, and all of them enhanced.

(1) Visit the websites of Andrew R. Barron and James Tour

Bottom line: worth the watch.

Next week I will cover the third in the series titled “The Fuel.”

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