Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Picture of the day

Under Water 2006

Vijay Kochar, Under Water 2006, NanoArt 2006

From NanoArt 2006. © Copyright Vijay Kochar (click to see larger version)

NANOART is a new art discipline related to micro/nanosculptures created by artists/scientists through chemical/physical processes and/or natural micro/nanostructures that are visualized with powerful research tools like Scanning Electron Microscope and Atomic Force Microscope.

NanoArt could be for the 21st Century what Photography was for the 20th Century. We live in a technological society, in a new Renaissance period, and there is no reason for Arts to stay away from Technology. NanoArt is the expression of the New Technological Revolution and reflects the transition from Science to Art using Technology.

See all of Vijay Kochar's NanoArt 2006 entries here, or visit his website.

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Quote of the day

"Exponential or near-exponential advances in everything from computer processing power to data storage to bandwidth, and amazing scientific advances in disease diagnostic technology, brain-scanning technology, pharmacogenetics, and proteomics, are poised to usher in an age of unprecedented change -- change that will require many corporations to modify their existing business models, or adopt new ones, if they hope to remain competitive."

~Jack Uldrich, Author of Investing in Nanotechnology

"The future is not a roulette wheel that we sit back and watch as worried spectators. It's a matter of work. We should see the risks, see the possibilities, and do what we can to make sure that future outcomes are the ones that we desire."

~Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University

"Nano brings in a revolution in the culture of the potential pharma world. It's no longer chemical, it's no longer biological-it's different."

~Mauro Ferrari, Ph.D., Professor of nanotechnology at the University of Texas Health Science Center

Show me the money, Pt. II

Today I will again cover what’s happening in the nano-investment world.

Here is a list of some of the investments going to "nanotech" companies, universities, and VC funds, for the 2-week period between January 27, 2007 and February 9, 2007.

Why did I put nanotech in quotes? Because the definition of nanotechnology remains elusive at best, and is often purposefully misapplied to fit the self-promotional goals of some companies who may not actually be working with nanoscale materials. The listings below are all "legit" nanotech.

Given the importance of investing, I will revisit this topic at least once a month.

--Alliance of Angels invested $5.8 million in 31 companies in 2006. Modumetal received funding. Websites: http://www.allianceofangels.com/ & http://www.modumetal.com/ (appears to be under construction)

--API Nanotronics Corp. buys National Hybrid Inc. and its subsidiary Pace Technology Inc. for $9.75 million. Website: http://www.apinanotronics.com

--Analytical Nano Technologies (ANT) raised £450,000 from private equity sources.

--$300 million to develop an international nanotechnology facility (amount requested by NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer).

--China jumps to second place in terms of overall government investment in nanotechnology in 2006 with $1.1 billion (the US was at $1.57 b).

--Emergency Filtration Products will place up to $1.65 million (in common stock) with two investors. Website: http://emergencyfiltration.com

--US President Bush asked Congress for $1.45 billion for nanotechnology for FY 2008, up 4.2% from 2007.

--NIST may get as much as a $50 million increase for FY 2007 for physical science programs and nanotechnology research. Website: http://www.nist.gov/

--NanoMed Pharmaceuticals announced second closing of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock investment by SWMF Life Science Venture Fund (amount not disclossed). Websites: http://www.nanomedpharm.com/ & http://www.southwestmichiganfirst.com/VentureFund.cfm

-- NanoQuébec budgets nearly $700,000 for eight nanotechnology research projects. Funding partners, NSERC, the NRC and Precarn. Website: http://www.nanoquebec.ca/

Nanotech investing events of interest:

Towards Finnish – Russian cooperation in commercializing nanotechnologies
Feb 8, 2007

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