Thursday, January 18, 2007

Picture of the day

"Diamondoid cell-repair nanorobot"

Svidinenko Yuriy, Diamondoid cell-repair nanorobot

Simulation of a simple mobile cell-repair nanorobot and some of it's subsystems. (click to see full sized version)

Yuriy Svidinenko: In this study I'll try to simulate simple mobile cell-repair nanorobot and try to analyse some kind of it's subsystems. A complete functional design of an artificial cell-repairer is beyond the scope of this paper. Here, I want to focus on the purely simulation aspects of the cell repair nanorobot's functions and parts.

See Cell Repair Nanorobot Design And Simulation for details.

As with previous pictures, I will post the others in this series over time. To see it all now, visit the Nanotechnology Now Gallery.

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