Monday, February 12, 2007

Behind the Buzzword

I’m working on a major upgrade to my business site ( so today I would like to point readers to an excellent article by my friend and colleague Pamela Bailey, President tinytechjobs.

What working in nanotechnology really means

There's no doubt that a career in nanotechnology would be both interesting and challenging. But what, exactly, is nanotechnology--and what would a career in nanotechnology actually be like?

Essentially the ability to control the atomic and molecular building blocks of material, nanotechnology will be applied to change or create chemical, electronic, magnetic, optical, and structural properties in materials or nanostructures. These materials will then be assembled and/or utilized for new processes and devices. Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that will be used in many applications across many industries, including computing, communication, transportation, energy, materials, manufacturing, cosmetics, healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, the environment.

You can therefore work in nanotechnology in a range of settings. If you are not doing basic discovery work in one of the many university-based or government-funded research programs, you could be working in a biotechnology company on a nanoparticle-based molecular system for detecting biological warfare agents or fabricating a miniature terahertz laser for medical diagnostics. The adoption of nanotechnology-based applications by large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as diagnostic companies, means that you could have the opportunity to work on a new therapeutic drug or a novel drug delivery process.

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