Thursday, February 15, 2007


Another series of made for TV programs from the Discovery Channel, FutureCar examines today’s technologies and designs and how they might lead to tomorrow’s vehicles.

Today I watched the first of 3 programs, this one titled “The Extremes.” The program covered these technologies:

* battery (in a vehicle that reaches 325 mph)
* diesel (in a vehicle that gets 111 mpg at 140 mph)
* hydrogen
* safety
* automated public transport
* big rigs
* and of course, the Moller SkyCar (every show on the future of transpiration includes it, although it does not seem to have convinced many of it’s viability)

Car enthusiasts will love this show, as will those that study the future.

So, where does nanotechnology come in? It doesn’t, at least not directly. However, anyone familiar with the technologies covered in this program know that most of them will be enabled by nanotechnologies, and all of them enhanced.

Bottom line: worth the watch.

Tomorrow I will cover the second in the series titled “The Body.”

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