Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Quote of the day

"Nanotech is where breakthroughs are likely. Forget about just the cancer-detection and other advanced medical tools it's midwifing and the next-gen consumer electronics such as super-bright displays. On a planet that's on the cusp of catastrophic climate change, nano-engineered materials have the potential to make a real difference. Imagine solar power cells that are far cheaper and more efficient; batteries that allow for more efficient electric cars; components that make cleaner coal-fired power plants. These and other applications are hardly trivial--they'll save energy, reduce pollution, and maybe go a little way to making sure Times Square won't be under water for the next millennium celebration. "

~David Talbot, Technology Review link

At the very heart of nanotechnology and its future promise are the tools, instruments, metrological devices, and modeling/simulation applications that will enable us to effectively position matter and build intricate structures with atomically-precise control. Many novel instruments have been created and today they are accelerating the pace of developing innovative top-down and bottom-up manufacturing processes. Soon they will enable us to fabricate materials, components, devices, and products on a more cost-effective, highly-repeatable, and replicable basis.

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