Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Show me the money, Pt. II

Today I will again cover what’s happening in the nano-investment world.

Here is a list of some of the investments going to "nanotech" companies, universities, and VC funds, for the 2-week period between January 27, 2007 and February 9, 2007.

Why did I put nanotech in quotes? Because the definition of nanotechnology remains elusive at best, and is often purposefully misapplied to fit the self-promotional goals of some companies who may not actually be working with nanoscale materials. The listings below are all "legit" nanotech.

Given the importance of investing, I will revisit this topic at least once a month.

--Alliance of Angels invested $5.8 million in 31 companies in 2006. Modumetal received funding. Websites: http://www.allianceofangels.com/ & http://www.modumetal.com/ (appears to be under construction)

--API Nanotronics Corp. buys National Hybrid Inc. and its subsidiary Pace Technology Inc. for $9.75 million. Website: http://www.apinanotronics.com

--Analytical Nano Technologies (ANT) raised £450,000 from private equity sources.

--$300 million to develop an international nanotechnology facility (amount requested by NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer).

--China jumps to second place in terms of overall government investment in nanotechnology in 2006 with $1.1 billion (the US was at $1.57 b).

--Emergency Filtration Products will place up to $1.65 million (in common stock) with two investors. Website: http://emergencyfiltration.com

--US President Bush asked Congress for $1.45 billion for nanotechnology for FY 2008, up 4.2% from 2007.

--NIST may get as much as a $50 million increase for FY 2007 for physical science programs and nanotechnology research. Website: http://www.nist.gov/

--NanoMed Pharmaceuticals announced second closing of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock investment by SWMF Life Science Venture Fund (amount not disclossed). Websites: http://www.nanomedpharm.com/ & http://www.southwestmichiganfirst.com/VentureFund.cfm

-- NanoQuébec budgets nearly $700,000 for eight nanotechnology research projects. Funding partners, NSERC, the NRC and Precarn. Website: http://www.nanoquebec.ca/

Nanotech investing events of interest:

Towards Finnish – Russian cooperation in commercializing nanotechnologies
Feb 8, 2007

Please contact me at rocky at bir-consulting.com for detailed reports on this or any other "nanotech" area, including advanced materials, nanomedicine, energy, etc.

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