Sunday, August 5, 2007

Proud Co-Parent

Seeing an unmet need, and sensing an opportunity, in 2001 Publisher Brian Lundquist and I created the Nanotechnology Now (NN – website in order to inform, educate, and provide a catalyst for discussion on nanoscale sciences and technologies.

In the years following the “birth” of the website we spent untold hours building our reputation in a very high-tech field. We spent an equal number of hours building our reputation as experts in the field in order to gain top-10 search engine rankings. In 2005 that work paid off with the awarding of the Foresight Nanotech Institute Prize in Communication (1).

Today, I found it both interesting and gratifying to learn that Alexa (the premier website ranking company) indicates that NN is ranked #1 for web portals dedicated to the topic.

We have known since shortly after the creation of NN that the site had the highest nanotech-related search engine rankings (2), but until now did not realize how well we ranked among all websites in terms of traffic. Coming in at #167,926 out of over 100 million websites (3) is a remarkable achievement (especially given our limited budget and manpower). Ranking well above all other nanotech portals is another.

If you are interested in gaining exposure for your company, idea, product or event, there is no better bang-for-your-buck than Nanotechnology Now (4).


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