Monday, December 18, 2006

Bold Claims

This just in from the UK: Electricity-saving nanotech start-up to move to the UK.

AirNatech has a technology that they say will cut electricity usage "by at least 50 per cent" in heat exchangers, such as those found in HVAC units.

Given their $250 million in funding and their claim of a "market capitalization of more than $1bn by the end of next year" can we expect this "nanotechnology" to help create one of the first big evolutionary changes in a large industry?

Further, is it time to consider investing in an industry that may undergo huge change as a result of this technology?

IMHO, it’s wait and see time. Wait for AirNatech to prove the technology beyond a reasonable doubt.

Hat tip to Brian Lundquist at Nanotechnology Now for pointing this out.



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