Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Picture of the day

NanoArt 2008

My favorite four:

Title: Nano Depths
Artist: Renata Spiazzi

Title: Blossom
Artist: David Hylton

Title: Tekeli-li
Artist: Bjoern Daempfling

Title: Micro/Macro
Artist: Eva Lewarne

To be fair, my favorite eight are by artists Renata Spiazzi & David Hylton. Spiazzi’s work continues to impress with it’s novelty and eye-catching fantastical flavours. Hylton’s is a dive into the sublime, and a welcome splash of cool clear water in the face of modern sensibilities. With their highly interpretive versions of modern science-art, these artists take it to the next level, mirroring the awe-inspiring advances being made in nanoscale technologies.


Artist and scientist Cris Orfescu presents NanoArt, reflecting advances in the arts related to nanoscale technologies.

One goal of the NanoArt series is to raise the public's awareness of Nanotechnology and its impact on our lives, which by even conservative measure will be significant.


37 nanoartists from 13 countries and 4 continents, presenting 121 NanoArt works to this second edition of the international competition.


To vote for your favorite NanoArt work you can also visit directly the competition site at:


Follow these 3 easy steps:

1. click on the album’s thumbnail to open album
2. click on the artwork’s thumbnail to see the large image
3. click on the number of stars you would like to rank that artwork

To see more examples of “taking it to the next level” see http://future-is-here.com/Desktops.htm

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