Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tomorrow's Kitchen & Bath

Nanotechnology is another major force that will change the shape of
things to come in kitchens and baths. "In the near term, we’ll see
lighter materials, improved energy efficiency in lighting, and energy
storage devices for those who find themselves off the grid or wish to
employ backup devices,” reports Rocky Rawstern, Editor of
Nanotechnology Now.

Over the next few years, lightweight insulation will reshape kitchen
appliances, and organic light-emitting diodes will be widely used.
Within a decade or more, Rawstern claims, most surfaces will be coated
with antibacterial materials, thereby making disinfecting kitchens and
baths a thing of the past.

According to Rawstern, we’ll also enjoy a host of new materials that are lighter, stronger, and have properties we can only imagine, such as self-cleaning surfaces and embedded sensors.

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